FIRST LEGO League Challenge

Resources for FIRST LEGO League Challenge (FLL Challenge) including sample judging questions for core values, the innovative project, and robot design; game test/quizzes to test your knowledge of the game, scoring calculators to calculate the values of the missions; printable score sheets and guiding documents; user guides for team meetings, documents, and systems; a 2.5 minute timer for the challenge, and more.

Evergreen Resources

2:30 Timer

A simple 2:30 timer as a video file.

My Favorite FLL Websites

  • Techbrick
    Techbrick provides amazing FLL resources each year and links to other resources around the web. That site was much of my inspiration for starting the Resource Hub.

  • EV3 Lessons/FLL Tutorials
    Tutorials for every component of FLL

  • Robot Mats Family of Products
    Training mats for FLL, brought to you by the folks over at Techbrick. Robot Mats for FLL practice, Creative Playmats for kids, and Empower Mats for visually impaired students in robotics. Disclaimer: Robot Mats has been a sponsor of my websites in the past. However, them appearing on this list is not a result of the sponsorship. They really are one of my favorite FLL sites.

  • STOW-or-GO Portable Table
    Build a portable table you can fit in your car and bring it to events to practice. Check out these detailed (but dated) instructions.

  • Northern California FLL Shop
    The Northern California region of FLL sells used game boards and other valuable components at a discount. Old FSKs can be very expensive so if you are looking for one to buy, this is a good place to start.

Sample Judging Questions

These questions are not a comprehensive list. If you are a team member or mentor, please look for other resources to supplement this. Your judges could ask all or none of these questions. They are just meant to get the ball rolling. If you are a judge, always think of your own questions, too and consult your Judge Adviser for more information.

Also: Many of these questions should be answered without the judges needing to ask. Try to cover as much of these questions (and other potential questions) during the presentation.

Research Project

  • What problem are you solving?

  • What solutions already solve this problem?

  • How did you learn about _______________? How did you find out that _______________ is a problem?

  • Did you meet with any experts? What did they help you with (problem identification, feedback on solution, etc.)?

  • Did you share your project with anyone? What feedback did they give you, if any?

  • If you could share your project with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

  • What is unique about your project? Why is your solution better?

  • Have you made any progress towards implementing your solution? What are your obstacles?

Robot Design

  • When do you need to fix your robot? How often? What breaks the most and how do you fix it?

  • Where did you get inspiration for your design? How did you think of this design?

  • Do you use any sensors? If yes, which sensors do you use? If no, do you encounter any issues as a result of not using sensors?

  • Can you walk through some of your programs, showing what they do?

  • Do you use comments on your programs? If yes, how do these help you? If no, how do you keep track of progress and who does what on the program?

  • What is unique or different about your robot? What is something fun about it?

Core Values

  • Where did your team name come from? Shirt design (and any other aspects of team identity)?

  • How do you have fun as a team?

  • How do you use FLL core values outside of your team?

  • Who does what on your team?

  • Do you always agree? How do you resolve disagreement?

  • How does your team show Gracious Professionalism?

  • Do you work with any other teams? How do they help you and how do you help them?

  • Do you mentor any younger teams? Do any older teams help you?

What to look for as an FLL Judge

This resource is intended for judges, not teams. I will not stop teams from looking at this, but you should not consider this in your preparation for competitions. Judges are given a variety of things to look out for and this is just a supplement. Judges: always ask your Judge Adviser for what they want you to look out for beyond these categories. Don't know how to look for these things? Consider the sample questions.

Research Project

  • Clearly defined problem

  • Existing solutions analyzed

  • Variety and quality of research sources

  • Solution shared with people who could benefit/target audience

  • Engaging presentation

  • Comprehensive presentation

  • Feasibility of solution (cost, effectiveness, practicality, etc.)

Robot Design

  • Robot is sturdy needing infrequent repairs

  • Inspiration from existing designs (did they reinvent the wheel when not needed?)

  • Added enhancements to existing designs

  • Streamlined/economical use of parts

  • Use of sensors/added value (make sure they are actually using the sensors they have on)

  • Loops/switches, myBlocks, and logic in programs

  • Helpful comments on code (actually used by the team, not just there for judging)

  • Process for choosing missions/strategy

  • Innovative features (hardware and software)

Core Values

  • Team identity

  • Genuine interest in FLL

  • Application of FLL values outside of team

  • Outreach and mentorship activities

  • Kids do the work themselves

  • Gracious Professionalism definition, examples, and demonstrated throughout judging

  • Coopertition (assistance to/from other teams)/friendly competition

  • Mentorship between younger/newer and older/more experienced students

Youth Member Registration Guide

Please note: this guide hasn't been updated since 2018. You may wish to consult FIRST's newly published resources.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in FIRST

Virtual Meeting Guide

Helping teams, coaches, volunteers, and PDPs prepare for a potentially virtual season.

You can view the guide below (automatically updates) or download a copy. If you have questions you would like to see answered in the FAQ, or if you want to recommend tools/advice, let me know.

2019-2020: City Shaper

Field Setup Kit (FSK) Packing Guide

2018-2019: Into Orbit

2017-2018: Hydrodynamics

Printable Score Sheets

Tournament Software

This service has been sunsetted. Contact for more information.

Practice Tournament Scoring System

This service has been sunsetted. Contact for more information.

2016-2017: Animal Allies

Scoring Calculator

Printable Score Sheets

Mission Model Cheat Sheet

Practice Tournament Scoring System

Game Test

This resource cannot currently be published online. Contact for access.

2015-2016: Trash Trek

Printable Score Sheets