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A spreadsheet-based tool to help Lead Queuers manage the robot and match flow at events.

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Process overview/instructions


1. Make a copy of the document

2. Enter your event code

3. Configurable team and match statuses, dependant on your venue


4. Configure a pit map for large venues or to communicate to queuers in the pit/pit admin

5. Automatically pull the match schedule. You'll need to authorize the script your first time using the tool.

6. Mark matches as "queuing" to highlight them on the map


7. Track the whereabouts of each team. Mark matches "complete" to hide them from the list.

8. Automatically pull alliance selection data and generate a playoff match schedule, before the FMS.

9. Track playoff results to continue dynamic schedule generation through finals.

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More details



Setup and usage

During the event
  1. During qualification matches, the Lead Queuer will enter the status of teams onto the "MASTER QUEUING STATUS" tab.
  2. During alliance selection, import alliance data
  3. During playoff matches, switch to the "Playoffs" tab. Do the same thing as qualification matches, but be sure to select the winner of each match to generate the schedule for the upcoming matches. Entering everything in real time will ensure you have the schedule as fast as possible.

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